Water saving

Commitments acquired

Increase savings and efficiency through active measures that allow a progressive reduction of consumption in municipal buildings

Manage water resources with a global impact on the entire water cycle

Dissemination of advice and good practices to promote saving and responsible use of water 


  • Application of savings measures in parks and gardens (environmental management system in the management and maintenance of public green areas and road trees)
  • Regulation of flow in drinking and ornamental fountains (flow regulating devices and solenoid valves regulating flow and time and purification elements)
  • Reduction in the consumption of potable water from the network for road cleaning (road cleaning and that of containers and bins is carried out with ground water)
  • Reduction of water consumption in municipal buildings through:
    • Replacement of inefficient systems by water-saving mechanisms in work centers (such as the presto system for the taps and the double discharge system in the toilet cisterns)
    • Installation of dry urinals in work centers
    • Application - in markets - of specific savings measures such as mechanical cleaning
    • The control of leaks or the control of demand by points of consumption


  • Monitoring of water consumption in municipal buildings: water consumption was 371,847 m3, a volume slightly higher than in 2020, but 45% less than in 2019.
  • Progressive increase in the consumption of underground water (ground water) since 1999, in the services of Environment and Urban Services - Green Spaces:

The increase in ground water consumption by municipal services, and the reduction in the demand for mains water, has meant a significant increase in the sustainability indicator of the use of ground water used by Barcelona City Council to measure irrigation with underground water.

  • Annual follow-up of the distribution of total groundwater consumption by municipal uses or services is as follows (2021 data):

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