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  • Promotion of urban green and biodiversity

    Commitments acquired

    Ensure health, quality of life, mitigation of climate change and biodiversity in green spaces so that nature is more present in the city and does so in its natural state

    Promote a new culture of green maintenance in the city, more sustainable and with more benefits for the community


    • Application of sustainability criteria to rationalize maintenance tasks, optimize irrigation and select plant species adapted to the climate
    • Incorporation of criteria for expanding and improving greenery and biodiversity in new municipal buildings and urban projects
    • Naturalization of the city's green spaces to strengthen its plant structure and enrich its biodiversity
    • Impulse of living roofs and green roofs
    • Promotion of biodiversity values among municipal workers


    The L’Hort al Terrat project has 8 urban orchards on the roofs of municipal buildings and managed by people with disabilities.

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