Proposals to accelerate the action of the + Sustainable City Council Programme

JornadA+S in numbers

More than 200 people involved

Photocall with environmental commitments

 Commitment to Local Sustainability

City Council + Sustainable Awards

Awards made at the Digital Production Cultural Centre

Environmental Public Procurement Guide

With the TechnicalInstructions for the Application of Sustainability Criteria derived from the Decree of responsible contracting

Catalog of services

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Paper savings

The introduction of recycled paper was one of the first actions of environmentalization

Energy saving

The + Sustainable City Council Programme works to reduce CO2 emissions from municipal departments and services


Public events are the ideal place to encourage the separation of waste, organic and fair trade products or sustainable mobility


The City Council acquires forest products from legal logging and sustainable exploitation

Cleaning and selective waste collection

The contract for the cleaning of municipal buildings includes the use of less toxic products, selective collection and reduction of waste generated

Office supplies

The office material incorporates articles with environmental characteristics (rechargeable, non-toxic, etc.)

Textile products

The ethical and environmental criteria of the clothing of Parks and Gardens are a state benchmark

Food services

The dining room service of municipal nurseries incorporates organic food


La flota municipal incorpora vehicles híbrids, elèctrics i vehicles que funcionen amb biocombustibles i gas natural


The involvement of municipal professionals is essential to achieve the cultural change towards sustainability

  • City Council + Sustainable, improvement of municipal sustainability
    City Council + Sustainable, improvement of municipal sustainability
  • + Sustainable City Council Programme
    + Sustainable City Council Programme
  • Public procurement, a tool for socio-economic transformation
    Public procurement, a tool for socio-economic transformation

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