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    The environmentalization of the organization itself is a commitment to the preservation of the environment and, at the same time, it means saving energy and economic resources and improving the quality of life in the workplace.

    During the Working Day, the municipal workers acquired the following priority commitments to reduce the environmental impact of the municipal activity and lead the change with their own example:

    • Use recycled paper more than 90% for the all City Council
    • Set up double-sided and black-and-white printing
    • Remove single-use plastic
    • Achieve an internal waste collection of 75%
    • Greening events and parties of the city
    • Use of recycled materials in communication elements
    • Certify minimum one Bike Friendly Building by district and area

    Areas of work

    These are, by areas of work, the commitments acquired and the adopted environmental measures that, continuously, allow to promote a good internal environmental management of municipal buildings and services:

    The application of good environmental practices in the inner workings reinforces the citizen's image of the municipal organization that has to be a model of coherence and responsibility with environmental challenges. This environmental management adds to the municipal commitment to the environmentalization of contracting, and consists in making a more efficient use of the natural resources of the dependencies and municipal services of the different sectoral and managerial departments of Barcelona City Council districts.

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