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  • Energy saving

    Contribute to the fight against climate change and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through energy actions

    Promote savings, improve energy efficiency and increase the generation of renewable and local energy in municipal buildings and equipment



    • Implementation of energy saving and efficiency systems in thermal installations and lighting installations
    • Improvement of the buildings' thermal envelopes to reduce their energy demand
    • Promotion of the model of energy service companies in municipal buildings and equipment
    • Local energy generation and energy saving in the city's public facilities and equipment
    • Solar energy installations in buildings (sports facilities, social promotion housing, municipal administrative buildings, etc.)
    • Promotion of heat-cold distribution networks in the city (Districlima, Ecoenergies Barcelona)
    • Mini-wind installations, autonomous and self-sufficient lighting, energy utilization of biomass, utilization of geothermal energy, etc.
    • Compensation for emissions generated in publications or municipal events
    • Promotion of energy culture through awareness campaigns such as "At the Town Hall as home" or the "Energy Saving Marathon"


    • Monitoring the electricity consumption of municipal services provided on public roads (lighting, traffic lights, fountains and sewers): it has been estimated that 79,872 MWh were consumed in 2021. The highest consumption is due to lighting and shows a clear downward trend, thanks to the implementation of the Comprehensive Lighting Renovation Plan.
    • Monitoring of electricity consumption by municipal departments and managements: consumption has increased by 15% compared to 2020, almost recovering the levels of 2019.
    • Monitoring of gas consumption by municipal departments and managements: consumption was 14,692 MWh, which represents an increase of 19% compared to 2020 and 8% compared to 2019.

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