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    Communication and training are two key axes for the deployment of the +SCC Programme; a tool for change to sustainability requires the awareness and involvement of all municipal workers.


    In October 2021 the second Working Day took place, the meeting of municipal workers committed to sustainability to share ideas, synergies and amplify the City Council's commitment to sustainability through the +SCC Programme.

    Almost four years have passed since the last Working Day, in November 2017, and in that time many people have worked hard on various environmental projects in all areas of the City Council.


    During 2021:

    • 38 news items and 22 calendar events have been posted, and 6 newsletters have been sent to nearly 1,000 subscribers.
    • The website has received twice as many visits compared to 2020 (20,121).
    • The +SCC Newsletter has released a new image.



    The training sessions make it possible to present the new regulations as well as the contents of new guides related to responsible contracting and internal environmentalisation, such as the "Public Environmental Contracting Guide".

    Specific meetings are also held to discuss issues with thematic working groups.

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