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    Commitments acquired

    Use recycled paper more than 90% for the all City Council

    Set up double-sided and black-and-white printing



    • Distribution of paper reuse trays to reuse paper used only on one side to.
    • Monitoring the evolution of A4 paper consumption (packs of 500 sheets), since 2009:
    • Monitoring the evolution of recycled paper consumption, since 2009:


    Although compared to the year 2020 globally there has been an increase of 17.2% (probably due to the return of face-to-face activity), the decrease compared to the year 2019 remains (32% less than 2019).

    The percentage of recycled paper as regular office paper during 2021 decreases slightly compared to previous years and represents 92.1% of the total office paper purchased by the departments and districts from which information has been obtained (decrease of 0.6 points compared to the 2020 value).

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