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  • Waste prevention and promotion of circular economy

    Commitments acquired

    Municipal exemplary in matters of prevention, selective collection, reuse and recovery of resources

    Remove glasses, tableware and plastic and single-use containers in fountains, internal vending machines and contracted catering

    Guarantee strict compliance with the environmental criteria established in the contract for cleaning and selective collection of waste in municipal buildings to achieve an internal selective collection of waste of 75%

    Environmentalize the main events and festivals of the city through the generalization of the use of reusable glasses


    • Elaboration of an Instruction in relation to bottled water and the use of plastic cups - and other single-use plastic items - in municipal offices and services.
    • Installation of selective collection bins in common spaces in sufficient quantity and appropriate distribution (near photocopiers, vending machines, in dining areas, etc.)
    • Installation of specific containers for the selective collection of hazardous waste (batteries, spent toners and fluorescent lights)
    • Distribution of eco-bins in each workplace to replace the generic rubbish bin under the table and encourage the selective collection of paper
    • Distribution of own glasses and cups to prevent the generation of waste in the workplace
    • Implementation of sustainable waste management criteria in all activities and events organized by the municipal administration
    • Carrying out internal communication campaigns for the prevention of waste and for the promotion of the circular economy by extending the life of office equipment (reuse printed/written paper on one side only, classification or file material, envelopes for to internal mail, etc.)


    Quantification of the total rubbish generated in municipal buildings, by carrying out a rubbish audit every 4 years:

    Quantification of selective collection in municipal buildings:

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