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  • Sustainable mobility

    Commitments acquired

    Promoting sustainable, accessible, safe and friendly mobility in trips in itinere and trips in labore

    Certify a minimum of one municipal building per district and area as a bike-friendly building



    • Promotion of sustainable and healthy mobility habits at work among municipal workers "A la feina BICIA't": free loan of bicycles, traffic and mechanics training, organization of outings, etc.
    • Creation and implementation of the "Bike Friendly Building" certification to give more prominence to the bicycle in the city
    • Promotion of the use of electric vehicles by City Council workers
    • Progressive electrification of municipal vehicle fleets in areas and districts
    • Analysis of the modal distribution of GEU workers.


    In the 2021 vehicle inventory, a total of 3,097 vehicles have been identified between the company's own fleet and service contracts with the use of vehicles. 57% of these are vehicles with low NOx and particle emissions (electric, hybrid and gas) and 31%, vehicles with low CO2 emissions (electric and plug-in hybrids).

    Mobility survey

    In 2022, a mobility survey was carried out among City Council workers with the aim of finding out current mobility habits and drawing up the Barcelona City Council Travel Plan.

    The results of this survey show that 76% travel to work using sustainable means (public transport, bicycle, personal mobility vehicle and on foot). As for journeys during the working day, 28.3% are made on foot, 21.2% by bicycle and 20.6% by metro.


    Modal distribution of journeys in itinere:

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