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    In 2001 the Government Measure on the environmentalization of municipal services was approved in order to promote the introduction of environmental parameters in all municipal action.

    Subsequently, in 2006 the Government Measure on the environmentalization of municipal contracts was approved. The introduction of environmental criteria in municipal public procurement was already included in the previous Government Measure, however, in order to move more decisively in this direction, it was chosen to approve a specific government measure for this line of action. Specifically, it should be noted that the measure was accompanied by the modification of the Type Specifications. The new measure also provided for the completion of a report to evaluate the activity carried out in this regard.

    In parallel with the approval of these measures, the Green Office Program, planned as a fundamental tool for the implementation of the Government Measure on the environmentalization of municipal services, was expanded until giving place in the +Sustainable City Council Programme, with the intention of extending the incorporation of good environmental and social practices to all municipal action.

    So in 2009 an internal participatory process began to define the strategic objectives and lines of action of the +SCC Programme, which concluded with the realization of the +SCC Convention on March 18 2010.

    The Convention was in itself an example of environmentalism and during the event the most noteworthy initiatives and internal trajectories in the incorporation of sustainability criteria were also rewarded.

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