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    The Strategic Plan for Internal Sustainability for the Department of Urban Ecology 2015-2022 (PESI GEU) is the strategic instrument that translates the principle objectives of the Government, the 2012-2022 Citizen Commitment and the Plans from different sectors into concrete actions that make our values a reality. It serves to drive the transition towards a sustainable city and an economy that's respectful of the environment and social rights. PESI GEU defines the internal actions that the Department of Urban Ecology has to bring about in order to incorporate environmental and social sustainability in its different sectors in a gradual, transversal and participative manner.


    Its objectives are:

    • Collect existing examples of good practice, consolidate continuous processes of improvement, and generate an appropriate framework for the improvement of the environment and the well-being of residents.
    • Carry out measures internally in order to ensure strategic objectives as a city and favour an economy based on innovation, the use of clean energy, and the efficient use of natural resources.
    • Be a positive model in the management of internal organization, establish exemplary processes and ensure that environmental quality becomes a means for managing change.
    • Systematize and consolidate standards of excellence through the cooperation between departments and the sharing of knowledge within the organization.

    Beginning with interviews of those responsible for the different areas and departments, which allowed for the identification of existing examples of good practice and the principle challenges for the future, 50 strategic initiatives were defined in order to carry out the objectives of the Plan. These are related with contracting, training, working as a network, procedures and internal processes, projects and transversal strategic aspects.

    These initiatives are organized according to the different municipal departments: Environment, Infrastructures, Built Space, Public Space, Urban Projects, Mobility, Citizenship and City Council. They also include areas such as the incorporation of electric vehicles into the new contract for street cleaning and trash collection, the implementation of the Decree for Responsible Public Procurement, training on the 2013-2018 Barcelona Urban Mobility Plan (Pla de Mobilitat Urbana de Barcelona 2013-2018), the incorporation of innovative materials and elements in construction, the consolidation of a procedure for permanent internal collaboration on key strategic projects, the promotion of communication systems using new technology in order to reduce the need for movement or the incorporation of sustainability and resilience in instruments for urban planning.

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