Environmental Management Systems in municipal bodies

Other tools that support internal greening processes and sustainable public procurement are Environmental Management Systems, whether ISO 14001 or EMAS certified; especially in order to establish targets for environmental improvement, regular follow-up and control indicators for the environmental impact of processes and activities.

Currently, four municipal organisations are certified under the ISO 14001 system:

Municipal organisations using a certified environmental management system

Environmental Area

In areas of activity such as city cleaning, street cleaning and collection of municipal solid waste, maintenance of street lighting and use of groundwater, among others, as well as its own administrative activity and building maintenance, the management and maintenance of public green areas, street trees and integral management of beaches.

Metropolitan Transport Company (TMB)

For the environmental management of the urban bus fleet.



For sewerage management through an integrated environmental quality system.

Barcelona Municipal Services (BSM)

Integrated quality and environmental system (ISO 9001 and ISO 14001) at the Divisions:

  • Anella Olímpica (Palau Sant Jordi and Olympic Stadium).
  • Montjuïc-Fòrum (management activities of Parc de Montjuïc and Parc del Fòrum).

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