Comunication and disemination

The communication of the actions carried out in the different areas of the PESI encourages and promotes environmentaland economically sustainable internal management models.

For this reason, the Quality and Sustainability Area of the Logistics and Infrastructures Department makes a continuous effort to communicate both the results achieved through implementation of actions, as well as the new dynamics and new work procedures established. The objective is to find, on the one hand, the involvement of all workers towards sustainability, and on the other hand, to establish synergies with other municipal actors to optimize efforts and progress in a coordinated way.

In particular, during 2014, internally, a form for consultations and suggestions was posted and, externally, the PESI was presented at the international event Ecoprocura 2014.

During 2015, internally, a permanent collaboration with the A+S Program was established. Externally, the PESI was presented at the "III Local Environment and Local Environment Forum". In the context of the European project GPP2020, the energetic and economic benefits of the lease of 30 electric scooters for the provision of the police service were disseminated and the initiative was presented during the annual SPP networking event for procurers of Catalan administrations.

During 2016, a summary of the development of PESI was disseminated, including the quantification of environmental, social and economic improvements achieved. Different awareness-raising activities were carried out on energy and resource efficiency, selective waste collection and sustainable mobility. Specifically, at the end of the year, an information note was sent internally to prioritize the acquisition of recycled paper and to apply the Technical Instruction for the application of sustainability criteria on paper.

During 2017, the Departmentof Safety and Prevention received the City+Sustainable Award for the "Deployment of the Strategic Internal Sustainability Plan of the Department of Safety and Prevention and electrification of the motorcycle fleet of the City Policy" during the celebration of the act "JornadA+S".

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