One of the + Sustainable City Council Programme objectives is to make the City Council more efficient and productive through innovation, creativity and talent. The City Council is a pioneer in developing innovation at the service of the city and building the so called smart city of people for people.

Innovative solutions have been introduced in procurement through the following initiatives:

  • Prior contact activities with the market to foster the introduction of innovative and energy-efficient technologies in municipal services. The participation in the international SMART-SPP or the Agora Project are an example.
  • Introduction of new tools for intelligent management of the city's resources, such as the smart irrigation system and the New Lighting Master Plan to illuminate the city more efficiently.
  • Application of new concepts such as resilience or circular economy on specific projects.
  • To empower the use of the city as an urban laboratory in the 22@ district.
  • Introduction of new projects such as the OpenData or the eContract to facilitate the consultation and use of public data and to make procedures and use of resources more efficient.

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