Textile products

The Parks and Gardens Department was the first Spanish public enterprise to introduce, in 2006, conditions containing corporate social responsibility and ethical criteria in the annual tendering process for work clothes.

The Technical Instructions for the Application of
Sustainability Criteria to Textile Products (2015) expands these best practices to all municipal contracts and:

  • Establish the obligation to acquire textiles originating from production processes that respect the fundamental International Labour Organization (ILO) conventions
  • Establish the obligation to comply with the requirements for limiting  the presence of chemical substances in the main fabrics, and the certification of the main end items.
  • Encourage recycled fibres, organic agriculture and fair trade
  • And guarantee good environmental management for  discarded clothing items and the reduction of packaging in the distribution chain.


In addition, Barcelona City Council participates in some of the national and international initiatives that promote public procurement with environmental, social and ethical criteria such as the Clean Clothes Campaign and the Catalan Network for Ethical Public Procurement.

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