Goals and future lines of work

During the consultation process within "S+C Convention" the municipal employees of sectors, districts, businesses, schools and municipal performed an assessment of the history of the program and jointly define new objectives and lines of action.

The redefinition of the programme's strategic goals has entailed the addition of new aspects of sustainability, such as improving selective waste collection, greening of public works and construction, respect for the basic standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and other key cross-cutting issues such as the establishment of a communication strategy for the A+S Programme.

In this context, the specific objectives of the A+S Programme are to:

Strategic environmental goals

  1. Contribute to a reduction in CO2 emissions generated by city council buildings and services.
  2. Make progress in waste prevention and improve selective waste collection in city council buildings.
  3. Increase water savings in city council buildings and services.
  4. Green up public works, buildings and projects.

Strategic social goals

  1. Respect the basic standards of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in local authority contracts.
  2. Promote a social and sustainable economy.

Strategic cross-cutting goals

  1. Develop a socially responsible and environmentally correct organisational culture.
  2. Develop a communication strategy for the programme.

The A+S Convention, as a turning point within the Programme’s work plan, has allowed further progress in the area of ongoing improvement through new short and medium term actions (2010-2015). Some examples are:

  • The programme’s position at the highest levels of organisation, the establishment of a new set of quantitative indicators, the inclusion of monitoring reports on the agenda of council executive and plenary meetings, and the incorporation of environmental criteria in internal training and programmes for integrating new staff.
  • The implementation of monitoring systems and energy-efficient and energy-saving measures in city council buildings (as regards lighting and air conditioning), as envisaged by the Pla d’Estalvi i Millora Energètica en Edificis Municipal - Energy Efficiency and Savings Plan for City Council Buildings (2010-2020).
  • The implementation of the Directive Issued by the Mayor’s Office to Reduce the Environmental and Social Impact of Public Works: the establishment of mechanisms for coordinating and training suppliers, better enforcement of legislation on eco-efficiency, and the use of ecological paints and varnishes in building maintenance.
  • Measures to ensure that 100% of used paper is recycled, reduce paper consumption, improve waste collection and the specifications of cleaning contracts, reduce water consumption in public buildings.
  • The incorporation of ethical clauses (in compliance with the core standards of the International Labour Organisation) in standard contract conditions, and the creation of an “online office” to provide technical advice on responsible procurement.

In addition, a set of long-term lines of action (period 2016-2020) has been defined for the consolidation and extension of A+S Programme in all areas, districts, sectors and public organisations through the definition of indicators on the strategic maps of the new 2.0 model of Barcelona. With regard to environmental and social goals, progress will be made through the introduction of additional specific goals and measures such as creating an “environmental excellence” standard in the construction and refurbishment sector.

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